Tales of Xillia trademarked for US release

Namco Bandai's Tales franchise may not be as ubiquitous as Square Enix's Final Fantasy series, but it is one of the most popular RPG brands in Japan. That success hasn't translated in America, and the franchise had been dormant in the US since 2008's Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Symphonia.

The series has only recently made its way back Stateside with the 3DS re-release of Tales of the Abyss and the PS3-exclusive release of Tales of Graces F. It appears that yet another high-profile release in the franchise will be making its way across the Pacific.

According to Siliconera, Namco Bandai has registered the trademark for Tales of Xillia for use in the United States. The latest "mothership" entry in the series was well-received in Japan, both critically and financially.

Last year, Namco Bandai's Josh Sepielli talked to Shacknews about the future of the franchise. He promised that "there's going to be continued support for the Tales series that we've never had before. We've taken a lot of steps as a company from the point we've released Vesperia to where we are now. There's a lot more coordination with Japan when we're getting these games, when we're getting information. We're going to start getting the timing closer together. We're very focused on being a lot more international."