Eidos Being Bought?

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 20, 2000 7:36am PDT

LeftE forwarded a news-flash email from Computer Trade Weekly, where they are saying publisher Eidos (whose stock price is virtually nothing at the moment ) is in talks with other publishers to be bought. Infogrames and Microsoft are rumored to be among the companies interested in buying the company that brought us Tomb Raider and yes, Daikatana. There's a Yahoo story on it here.

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  • I swear, I check these boards at least twice a day and see like the same person posting every 5 minutes or less, trying to sound 'intelligent' and 'witty.' Unemployed? Nothing to do?

    Oh well, I'll spare a few to share what I think.

    Lots of you are quick to just say, "Oh, Microsoft is just a company of greedy fags who want to soak up every little company and benifit from it." Woah, wait a second. Doesn't EVERY company that has some sort of goal/ambition want to MAKE MONEY and GROW? Prime example of Microsoft. They're prolly the LARGEST company out there (until they're completely sliced, of course) with the vision of becoming the premier computer based business.

    Well, they achieved that one, and obviously they want more.

    But I will say this (GASP! PERSONAL OPINION): I am tired of seeing 'MSN' and 'Microsoft' on a lot of stuff that I see/use for computing. I don't think that Microsoft IS a monopoly (they're just a huge company with little competition, but still there's cometition nonetheless), but I kinda think that a little split is somewhat good for our economy, and it gives the chance for others to dive in the 'Giant Software' franchise. Though I think there should be a standard OS like there is now. Bah, rock and hard place.

    One more thing too: Romero is not the reason why Eidos may be bought. It's a number of things. I personally think a lot of people ('specially in here) like to verbally bash and smack him around because, uh, of attention:

    "HaaHAAHa! R0meo braught d0wn Eeedioss wiht Doyykkanaiiana!!!!!! Wat a FAGOT!!!!!".

    Sure, Daikatana was MEDIOCRE compared to todays standards. Sure, it was overhyped. Sure it took too long. Live and learn, move on. He is. You should to.


  • I can't wait for the following games!:

    -Daikatana 2: Romero's gone this time.
    -Womb Raider 5: Starring Brittney Spears!
    -Deer Hunter 7: With safety locks
    -Redneck Rampage 3: Rednecks are still funny!
    -Who Wants to be a Millionaire 3: With added special bonus features! Includes a complimentary, fashionable deluxe Regis tie!
    -Barbie Makeover: Tweezers not included.
    -Blair Witch: The hype's not over yet! Eat it up America!
    Pokeman: All we have to say is, "pokeman." Now buy it.
    Beanie Babies 2000: Trade virtual beanies with virtual friends! Collect them all! (Note: virtual beanies still cost real money. Visa & Mastercard accepted.)
    -Rehash 5: Revenge of the fresh coat of paint.
    -Pop Culture 9: Just do it. It's cool.

    Big corporations make me feel so important... because I know they're targeting me! :)