Battlefield 3 patch brings console server rentals, PS3 anti-aliasing option

Battlefield 3 is rolling out a massive game update, set to hit the PlayStation 3 on March 27. The PC and Xbox 360 versions will follow sometime soon after. While the patch packs loads of tweaks for weapons and vehicles in general, some of the biggest changes come to the consoles.

The patch notes mention the "Rent a Server" functionality coming to both consoles, with more details to come next week. PlayStation 3 players will also get the option to turn off anti-aliasing to reduce input lag. The PC version is getting several fixes to server functionality as well.

General gameplay fixes include eliminated shortfall damage, reduced black screen fade time upon spawn, several vaulting issues, and the ability to get up faster from Prone, and many others. These come alongside a ton of balancing changes for weapons, vehicles, gadgets, maps, and equipment. Check out the full patch list for all of the details.