Trials Evolution, Minecraft XBLA dated and priced in 'Arcade Next' promotion

You may remember about a week ago when Microsoft announced it would be raising the Gamerscore cap on Xbox Live Arcade games. The company is marking that event by promoting four high-profile Xbox Live Arcade titles, dubbing them collectively "Arcade Next."

The promotion kicks off on April 18 with Trials Evolution for $15. After that comes Bloodforge ($15) on April 25, Fable Heroes ($10) on May 2, and finally Minecraft ($20) on May 9.

Microsoft notes that the increased Gamerscore begins in April, so some Arcade titles might beat Trials Evolution to the punch for being the first. Also, it's important to note that unlike many of Microsoft's seasonal promotions, this one doesn't have any bonus points or a free game attached to it, so the whole "Arcade Next" moniker is just a way of highlighting some anticipated games.