God of War for Vita was considered by Ready at Dawn, but dropped

As the latest bit of Sony hardware, the PlayStation Vita has already shored up some entries from known franchises like Uncharted. One of Sony's most popular (and angry) characters hasn't been invited to the Vita party, but his name was apparently added onto the guest list for a short while.

Ru Weerasuriya, CEO of Ready at Dawn, told GamesIndustry.biz that the studio briefly considered making a God of War game, but the plans didn't work out. "It's an idea that was floated as far as what could happen on the Vita," he said. "And especially with a platform like that, we were enticed I think by the prospect of doing something on that platform, but it just didn't align with what we wanted, so I'm hoping that they do something on that because I definitely think that they should. There's so much potential for it. But it's something we toyed with for a little while."

That doesn't necessarily mean that the character will never appear on the Sony handheld, since Sony's Santa Monica studio may still make the game itself. But the studio that handled the franchise's PSP iterations won't be the ones behind it.