Dark Souls PC release looking more likely

Misery loves company, so fans have been campaigning for Dark Souls to appear on PC. Why should console gamers get all of the masochistic fun? As it turns out, the fan campaign may have worked, as it looks like a PC version could be coming after all.

The latest issue of PC Powerplay, an Australian magazine, teases their next issue with the all-too-familiar "YOU DIED" text. As Kotaku points out, it's "in the right font and everything."

Meanwhile, Namco is inviting Facebook likes for a reveal; could Dark Souls on PC will be this sudden announcement?

From Software head of R&D Masanori Takeuchi recently commented that the studio is aware of the demands for a PC version, but that decision is in the hands of the publisher. From Namco's perspective, a now 90,000 strong petition may be giving some indication that there's gold in those hills.