Shack PSA: Modern Warfare 3 'Content Collection' now available on Xbox 360

As promised, Modern Warfare 3's first DLC pack for non-Call of Duty Elite members is now available. Today the "Content Collection #1" hits the Xbox Marketplace, bringing the Liberation, Piazza, Overwatch, and Black Box maps for the standard price of $14.99. In addition, this "Collection" includes two more Spec Ops missions: Black Ice and Negotiator.

Activision still hasn't given release details for the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of the pack, and simply promises that it will be rolled out "at a later date." Generally, PlayStation 3 players have had to wait a month for their content, so we may see this content pack hitting in April.

If this $15 price tag is giving you second thoughts on Elite, the subscription service is still available for $49.99, which will offer a net savings compared to picking up all the packs individually.