Saints Row: The Third DLC brings Gat back today

Science is once again be proven evil in 'The Trouble With Clones,' cloning Johnny Gat in a new Saints Row: The Third DLC pack out today on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It's included with the DLC Season Pass, but can be bought separately for $6.99 (560 Microsoft Points).

The Trouble With Clones sees a new Gat cloned from grubby little traces of his DNA but, as ever, Science goes a bit wonky. With a rampaging mutant Saint now on the loose, you'll get a new car, some new chums, and temporary superpowers as you try to stop him.

The DLC's already available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, should hit PlayStation 3 with the PS Store update this afternoon, and will arrive on Steam whenever it feels like it. Some fans who've already played TWC are expressing great discontent on the Saints Row site, but we know what those Internet commenters are like, don't we dear reader?

TWC is the final DLC announced alongside the Season Pass, so from here on out, the 3rd Street Saints are in uncharted waters--other than the Saints Row 4 THQ started talking about before 3 even launched, of course.

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