BBC iPlayer launches on Xbox 360 for all in UK

The BBC's video-on-demand service iPlayer launched as an Xbox 360 app today, so you can watch Doctor Who from the comfort and security behind your sofa. Unlike many other Xbox TV apps--including those of all other UK channels--iPlayer is available to everyone in the UK, whether they're an Xbox Live Gold or Free member.

iPlayer on Xbox 360 comes complete with Kinect gestures and voice control, so you needn't even wake from your television coma enough to move an arm. To download it, hit up the Apps Marketplace in the Apps tab of the Xbox 360

The PlayStation 3 and Wii got iPlayer apps way back in 2008, but Xbox 360 users have been left hanging. It's long been rumored that BBC content would have been on the Xbox 360 years ago but Microsoft had then insisted it be exclusive to Xbox Live Gold. As the BBC is funded by the oft-misunderstood television license fee and runs as a public service, it couldn't do that.

Here's The Man From Auntie, iPlayer product manager Chris Tangye, to show off the app:

Note: This video will not play in the GameFly app.