The Last Express stopping on iOS

Jordan Mechner's widely adored adventure game The Last Express is making an unexpected stop on Apple iDevices "soon." Why, you could even play aboard your local last express! It's coming from retro revivalist DotEmu, who led TLE's digital re-release on PC in 2011.

"The Last Express is unlike any other game I've done. Its story, characters, and unique game design have stood the test of time and have won the loyalty of an exceptionally passionate and committed fan base," Mechner said in the announcement. He's not exaggerating, mind--it really is lovely.

The Last Express is coming to iOS in 2012, "soon." There's no word yet on how much it'll cost. For now, you can always pick up the PC edition from Good Old Games or DotEmu for $5.99.

DotEmu also announced plans to bring Little Big Adventure to iOS and Android. No Android release for TLE though, sadly.