Datura not a game, but 'an interactive experience'

In recent years, titles like Dear Esther, have been pushing the boundaries of what players have typically expected from a "game." Linger in Shadows dev Plastic is exploring similar territory with their new release, Datura. Game director Michal Staniszewski describes their upcoming PlayStation Move title as an "interactive experience, rather than a game."

"We wanted players to feel like he's inside it and this is not a story about some kind of character."

Speaking to the PlayStation.Blog, Staniszewski talked about the three year effort to make a Move title where you have a virtual hand in an environment. The team later added 3D, to make it "more immersive."

While the title is being promoted as a Move game, Datura will also support traditional DualShock controls. Why? "In Datura, the story is the most important and we wanted all the people to enjoy it, and not only the ones that have the Move controller."

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