Anachronox and Hind land on GOG

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 15, 2012 1:00pm PDT

Ion Storm's 2001 sci-fi RPG Anachronox and 1996 helicopter sim Hind today joined the ranks of PC classics at virtuous virtual vendor of vintage video games Good Old Games, available DRM-free for $5.99 apiece.

Anachronox launched to pretty decent reviews, but has gathered a fair following with its jolly japery and JRPG influences. It was developed by id Software veteran Tom Hall and his gang at Ion Storm's Dallas studio--not to be confused with the Austin studio behind Deus Ex. Shack sibling-site MobyGames has more information, if you fancy reading up before buying it.

Hind, then, is a hardcore chopper sim, the follow-up to Apache Longbow, starring the Soviet Mi-24 Hind gunship. You get to fly missions in Kazakstan, Korea and Afghanistan, shooting things with your helicopter. There's more on MobyGames, and you can buy it this-a-way.

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