Gunstringer adds 'Merican Adventure' DLC, Games on Demand release

For those who haven't gotten enough gun-slingin' marionette action, The Gunstringer has released a new piece of downloadable content. "El Diablo's 'Merican Adventure" lets you play as the titular El Diablo, emerging from the underworld to find a suitable queen. It's available now for $3 (240 MSP).

Meanwhile, The Gunstringer itself is available as a Games on Demand release, for $29.99. The Kinect title from Twisted Pixel was originally planned for digital distribution, but was picked up by Microsoft for a full disc release. It's regarded as one of the better examples of a game with Kinect controls.

"The Gunstringer was our first retail game, but it's nice that we were able to make it available digitally as well," said Twisted Pixel's Michael Wilford in the press release. "Digital distribution is key to the studio's ambitions."

"Yeah, that, and we didn’t have to do anything extra to make it work," added technical director Frank Wilson.