Total War Battles: Shogun announced for iOS

Sega has announced an iOS spin-off of its popular Total War: Shogun 2 title for PC. The mobile strategy game is called Total War Battles: Shogun. It's set to launch on April 19, and is being developed in-house by The Creative Assembly, the same studio that handled the PC title.

The game was built explicitly for the devices, and packs in a full campaign and a two-player mode. The battle system has been simplified a bit for the touch devices, but still relies on real-time strategy mechanics.

You'll be gathering resources, building structures, gaining experience, upgrading your troops, and attacking enemies on a hex grid, all with finger swipes and taps. The campaign is roughly 10 hours long. When you take on multiplayer, each of you will claim one side of the tablet and send units to attack your opponent. Creative Assembly is planning regular content updates after launch.