Gratuitous Tank Battles pre-orders open with playable beta

If you dug the fleet customisation of Gratuitous Space Battles but wished you played a more active role in combat, then Positech's follow-up of sorts Gratuitous Tank Battles should be right up your war-torn street. Pre-orders have now opened, packing instant access to a playable beta build and a Steam key when it eventually launches.

In GTB, after setting up the weapons, equipment and colours of your tanks, mechs, men and what have you, you send them to assault tower defense-style courses, choosing which units to deploy when to overwhelm the turrets and troops. Then, you can turn it around, and be the defender fending off the forces of an alternate-history WWI.

As with GSB, multiplayer will let you fight other people's carefully-honed armies and strategies. There's also a map editor, so you can create your own battlefields.

GTB costs $22.95 to pre-order. As well as a straight download, Positech maestro Cliff Harris promised in the announcement, you'll get a Steam key when GTB officially launches.

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