Sir, You Are Being Hunted announced

Tea-drinking robotic gentlemen who hunt humans for sport in a video game ambitiously, and somewhat saucily, pitched as "a British indie S.T.A.L.K.E.R." The idea seems so obvious, yet decades of video game history passed before today's announcement of Sir, You Are Being Hunted by developer Big Robot. For shame, video games. Hunted is a survival shooter set in a "dynamic open world" inspired by the good old British countryside, where robotic toffs hunt poor humans like you, meatbag. "Its inhabitants are a mockery of the aristocratic country gent and his ecosystem," Big Robot head honcho--and Rock, Paper, Shotgun co-founder--Jim Rossignol explained in the announcement. "Robots that ape tea-drinking, poachers that lurk in reed-beds, and red-eyed hounds that patrol the moor: these are the things you will be dealing with as you fight for survival." "The game gathers up elements of my favorite things: exploration, AI interaction, survival, robots, hot drinks, and blends them into a rich pixelly pulp," Rossignol added. Let's not overlook that it looks rather fetching t'boot. That's the elevator pitch, anyway, with more details promised "in the coming days."

Good show, synth-sir!