Mad Dog McCree coming to 3DS in 2D

Ah, nostalgia! Remember that old thing? From olden times? You know, Mad Dog McCree. The live-action laserdisc 'classic' cowboy showdown game is being dragged out and dusted off once again, this time for a downloadable release on Nintendo 3DS.

It's being handled by Engine Software, who actually approached Mad Dog publisher Digital Leisure wanting to do it. Engine VP of development Ruud van de Moosdijk told Nintendo World Report, "We got in touch with them and said you know, Mad Dog McCree, you guys own the license, how about a 3DS version?"

Sadly, it won't be in 3D. "It's all full motion video," Moosdijk said, "there's really no 3D in the 3DS version because how were you gonna do that?" We would like to point out that there are ways to convert 2D footage to wonky, slightly unpleasant 3D--surely a perfect fit for Mad Dog.

Mad Dog McCree was re-released for Wii in 2009 in a pack with Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold and The Last Bounty Hunter too. Happy days. Of course, the greatest cowboy FMV game to grace consoles in recent years was the astounding Wavy Tube Man Chronicles DLC for The Gunstringer on Kinect.

[Story image from the Mad Dog pack on Wii.]