Walking Dead social game coming in April

AMC's hit TV series The Walking Dead is being turned into a Facebook title, because a show that reflects man's inhumanity to man is the perfect subject for social games. The title is coming from social game company RockYou in April.

The game's Facebook page (via G4) invites Likes to be among the first invited to play the game. You'll form a posse of friends to protect yourselves, set up guard duty shifts, and battle in turn-based combat against the Walkers. Plus, you'll be meeting characters from the series and visiting familiar locales.

If your friends get killed, though, they might become Walkers themselves -- which actually sounds like an excellent reason to posse up with people that you hate. The obnoxious high school guy that somehow got on your Facebook? Send him off on a dangerous mission alone and then shoot his undead face with impunity.

This shouldn't be confused with the episodic Telltale game also based on the TV series, which is set to launch sometime this spring.