Weekend Confirmed 103 - GDC 2012 special

By Garnett Lee, Mar 09, 2012 11:15am PST

Weekend Confirmed goes on the road to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and finds some long-time friends of the show to make it a doubly excellent episode. John Davison of CBSi joins Jeff and Garnett for the show, with 8-4 Play's Mark MacDonald and videogame editorial ninja Billy Berghammer tag-teaming the fourth chair. Along with some of the topics of the day from the conference, the group catches up on a long list of games. Halo 4 and the newly announced Wreckateer highlight take top honors from Microsoft's recent Spring Showcase Event, the first look at Medal of Honor Warfighter also gets its due, SSX springs back to the forefront of the discussion again this week, and there's much more. Special thanks to CBSi and GameSpot for graciously opening the door and allowing Weekend Confirmed the space to record the show again this year.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 103: 03/09/2012

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Special thanks to GameSpot for providing the space for Weekend Confirmed to record in San Francisco again this year.

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  • I can't stand the podcasts (not just Weekend Confirmed) when it becomes a race to see who can hate on things the most/fastest - especially when they haven't played/seen/touched the thing or they have already made up their minds that everything in that realm sucks. Think discussions of Kinect games, portal clones, etc. You're somewhere that has devs and indie focus, and you only talk about big games mostly, and when you DO talk about the fun little Kinect game, the response is "OOH watch out, Call of Duty" as if there's only space for giant bro-tastic Activision games and nothing else.

    Your discussion of Halo was ridiculous, by the way. I'm not breaking it all down here, but literally every talking point brought up was just silly. It sums it up at the end when Davidson says "We're all talking out of our asses." I'd sum it up with you guys pouting out all the great, creative amazing game-makers working on the title and then you promptly took a giant dump on every aspect of its potential despite the fact that we've seen nothing but tightly controlled drips and drabs of the product in pre-alpha condition. Funny how you're willing to throw your REAL friend David Ellis under the bus, but God forbid you say something bad about Peter Molyneux.

    The ones with the cavalcade of stars are never very informative. It's not the point, I know. But dang. It was hard for me to listen to this week. Especially the first hour.

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