Crytek goes mobile with Fibble

Crytek is expanding its gaming wings and moving into the mobile platform. The German developer, maker of the Crysis series, announced a puzzle game for the iOS platform featuring a cute little alien named Fibble.

According to the release, Fibble - Flick 'n' Roll "combines strategy with physics based interactions with vivid and highly detailed visuals."

"With Fibble - Flick ‘n’ Roll, Crytek is aiming to surprise people with a whole new style of game as well as to make a big impact in the field of mobile entertainment," said Nick Button-Brown, Crytek's general manager of games. "It will also give us a great opportunity to make a big splash with a whole new generation of players who’ve yet to play a Crytek game. We ourselves love to play games on mobile devices and we very much look forward to bringing our production values and skills to them."

The game surrounds Fibble, who crash lands on Earth. He gets separated from his crew, but must find them again to get back home. Fibble will also encounter Mini creatures that have certain skills he can use in his adventures.

The game is set for release sometime this spring.