Omerta - City of Gangsters coming from Tropico dev

After dabbling in dictatorship with Tropico 3 and 4, Haemimont Games is branching out to a new form of ruthless ruling, mixing it up with the Cosa Nostra in Omerta - City of Gangsters. The mafia sim will mix real-time mob empire management with turn-based tactical combat in what publisher Kalypso calls a "historically accurate representation" of 1920s New Jersey's glamorous Atlantic City. Players will be able to work their way up from a new mook to mob don, building an empire and buffing up henchmen through an "RPG system" with gear. The sim side will involve sending your chaps on missions such as heists, raids, jailbreaks and assassinations, keeping the heat off with bribes, and other shady shenanigans. Then in the turn-based combat, you'll control "The Boss" and his muscle directly. "Cover and stealth are essential parts of any shootout in the game," Kalypso said in a release. "Finding the best vantage point to gun down an enemy, while taking cover from a hailstorm of bullets, can be just as satisfying as sneaking quietly behind a foe and taking him down." Splendid. Omerta will pack competitive and cooperative multiplayer with persistent gangs, as well as a single-player campaign estimated at 15 hours long. The game is tentatively set to come to PC in Q4 2012. Kalypso brought Haemimont's Tropico games to Xbox 360 too, but made no mention of an Omerta console edition in the announcement.

A wise guy, eh? First screens from an alpha build