Minecraft XBLA offers split-screen, no Kinect at launch

Minecraft has been a long time coming on Xbox Live Arcade, and developer 4J plans to support its development as closely as possible with the PC version. That doesn't mean the XBLA title won't get some of its own console features, though. The Xbox Spring Showcase revealed one nifty new feature.

Kotaku reports that the game will feature everyone's favorite couch co-op facilitator: split-screen play. Meanwhile, Kinect functionality won't be added sometime after launch, reports Eurogamer.

The team is working from beta version 1.6.6, and will be updating further as they go. One patch will include Kinect support, so not all of the patches will be direct mirrors of their PC counterparts. Developer 4J has previously suggested that Minecraft could be the first XBLA game with constant updates.

The Xbox 360 updates will be delivered as title updates, usually reserved for patches or bug fixes, but this assures that new Minecraft content stays free. Due to the certifications process, though, the 360 version will always be a little behind the PC version, so those of you who have already built your blocky superstructures can still look down on the console hordes.