Counter-Strike: Global Offensive loses cross-platform multiplayer

Portal 2 gave us an exciting sneak peek into a cross-platform future where gamers could play multiplayer, regardless of what machine they were on. PS3 players were able to play with Mac and PC players across in glorious Steam-powered harmony.

Unfortunately, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive won't continue Valve's cross-platform experiment. While PS3-PC-Mac cross-play was promised, the feature is no being removed from the game.

"The beta has proved we want to update not just the beta, but the game itself post-launch frequently on the PC," Valve's Chet Faliszek told Joystiq. "To do that we need to separate the platforms so one doesn't hamstring the other. So for that, we have removed the idea of cross-platform play -- essentially make all platforms stronger by not mixing them."

Counter-Strike: Go will be available "when it's ready."