Amazing Spider-Man features playable Stan Lee

All of the trailers and promotional materials surrounding The Amazing Spider-Man indicate a darker, moodier Spidey epic. The game tie-in, on the other hand, seems to be running in the other direction as pure comic book spectacle. How else do you explain the presence of the running gag "supervillain" Rhino?

Amazing Spider-Man has taken another turn for the weird, as Stan Lee has revealed he'll be a playable character.

The octogenarian comic royalty revealed the news to Addict of Fiction (via Joystiq). Considering he's credited for creating Spider-Man, along with many of Marvel's most iconic characters, it makes sense to give him a cameo. Being a "playable character" in this case probably means he'll be an unlockable skin, but it's not every day that you see an 89-year-old do whatever a spider can.

The Amazing Spider-Man is due June 26 to precede the July 3 movie release.