Thirty Flights of Loving unveiled, sequel to Gravity Bone

Blendo Games put its name on the map with the delightful little 2008 game Gravity Bone. After making lovely things including Flotilla and Atom Zombie Smasher, Blendo maestro Brendon Chung's now returning to its strange world of espionage with a commercial sequel, Thirty Flights of Loving. The PC "video game short story" will initially be available only to supporters of podcast Idle Thumbs' Kickstarter campaign.

Blendo's lifted off the wraps off Thirty Floors with a trailer and set of screenshots, showing that same charming style as the original. Lurking in the trailer is also a peek of something strange and wonderful, something exclusive to the Idle Thumbs version--Goldblum Mode. It makes sense if you've listened to Idle Thumbs.

The Idle Thumbs podcast, as you probably know, was founded chiefly by former Shacknews editors Chris Remo and Nick Breckon, along with Jake Rodkin of Telltale Games. After going on hiatus, it's returning thanks to a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. If you pledge at least $30, you'll get a digital copy of Thirty Floors--which will pay Blendo too.

Thirty Floors of Loving will get a regular release at some point after the Kickstarter version launches, though there's no word on when or how much it'll cost.

As well as treating your eyes with the trailer, you can treat your ears with a sample of the snazzy music whipped up by Remo for Thirty Flights.

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