Vita sells 1.2 million units worldwide

Is the Vita doomed--or is it a smashing success? In spite of positive reviews, the Vita faces an uphill battle with a lofty price point during a weak economy, and a perception that cell phone games are "good enough" for most.

It's still too early to determine how successful Vita will be. However, Sony has announced worldwide Vita sales have surpassed 1.2 million units, as of two days ago.

Sales of Sony's next generation portable began on December 17th in Japan, and later expanded to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea. It launched in North and Latin America, Europe, and PAL territories last week.

According to Sony, sales have "exceeded expectations," with software sales reaching 2 million units at both retail and on PSN.

"To sustain momentum, we're working closely with 3rd party developers and publishers to ensure the best games and franchises possible will be available on PS Vita, and our software line up for the remainder of 2012 will have something for everyone across the globe," SCE president Andrew House said in a press release.

"We're doing our best to keep units in stock to satisfy the strong demand," GameStop VP Bob Puzon also said. At press time, both the 3G and wi-fi Vita models were widely available to purchase.