Bethesda hiring 'future generation console programmer'

Bethesda Game Studios is hiring a programmer for "future generation consoles." Though the job listing is left fairly vague, it does confirm that yet another developer is starting to plan ahead for consoles that have yet to be announced.

The job listing is for a specific project, which Bethesda and parent company ZeniMax Media calls an "unannounced game." It asks for experience programming and optimizing for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and calls DirectX 11 experience a plus.

We've seen drips and rumors of the next Xbox coming, but less so for the next PlayStation iteration. Still, the specs of the two will probably be reasonably similar, so as long as Bethesda has an outline of one it could be starting development for a game that will appear on both. Now all that's left is for Microsoft and Sony to actually announce them.