Mark of the Ninja is Shank dev's new game for Xbox Live Arcade

Klei Entertainment may have only just released Shank 2, but the team is already prepping to release its next 2D action game. Mark of the Ninja is a new game scheduled for a Summer release on Xbox Live Arcade that promises the same sleek 2D presentation of the Shank games, but with a "stealthier new direction."

Whereas Klei's games have previously been multiplatform, a teaser trailer reveals that Microsoft Game Studios is the publisher for Mark of the Ninja. That means this is an Xbox 360 exclusive (for now, at least).

The official website currently hosts a text adventure, which scores your stealthy ninja abilities. Getting through to the end will reward you with a video tease of the game. I got a 65/100 on my first try--how about you?

BOOM video 11986