Facebook for Vita pulled from PlayStation Store

The PS Vita is arguably the most powerful handheld ever created, with the ability to play games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss. But, there's one thing Sony's handheld can't quite do right now: access Facebook. A standalone Facebook app was readied for the Vita's official launch earlier this week, but it's since been pulled since users discovered that it simply didn't work.

Users were greeted with this error message

Attempting to use the app gives users an error code: NP-13144-3. According to PlayStation's Sid Shuman, the error occurred because "there was a change to FB and it's causing some issues with the app." The issue being that it doesn't work. The app is no longer downloadable off the PlayStation Store while Sony works on a fix. While it may be embarrassing for Sony to have launched a totally non-functioning app on the day of the Vita's launch, Sony does promise that it "should be resolved soon." In the meantime, maybe you'll want to use Twitter instead? Or just use the system's built-in internet browser.