Weekend Confirmed 101 - American Nightmare, Darkness 2, games that make us curse

By Garnett Lee, Feb 24, 2012 11:00am PST

The second century of Weekend Confirmed begins with a corker. Coin-op TV's Rob "Pennyman" Welkner joins Jeff, Ariel, and Garnett for episode 101. They've been playing games like Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Syndicate, and the Darkeness 2. With countless hours invested in Skylanders, Rob helps shed some light on how this unlikely game became a breakout hit for kids of all ages. Discussions also take a look at why we play games that make us curse at the screen, whether Mass Effect 3's day-one DLC is a must-have for the "complete" experience, and Sony's explanation and apology for not offering the PSP UMD "Passport" transfer service to Vita owners outside Japan. All that and more before Finishing Moves puts the exclamation point on the show.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 101: 02/24/2012

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  • Am I the only one who was disappointed that Alan Wake was basically an action game with a horror skin? it was Uncharted in spooky woods. It had aspirations of a twisty paranormal narrative but all it did was give you flashlight based mechanics that could have been scary but then throws you against one type of enemy which are not scary after the dozen times your out up against them. And the whole middle section where you going up a mountain was shameless padding, it could have been cool, it could have been In the Mouth of Madness levels of awesome but instead the narrative felt like a separate entity with a ghost shooter shoehorned into it. It wasn't a bad ghost shooter but I was disappointed by the lack of game mechanics that fit the premise. It was like if IT was turned into a game where you'd watch characters try to figure out why Tim Curry is invading their dreams and occasionally you shoot little clowns and eventually a clown spider as a final boss, gee wouldn't it be cool if you felt like you had a hand in figuring out the mystery presented in the game as opposed to watching it and eventually shooting ghosts that could easily be cannon fodder in a Seagal movie.

    and it sounds like the new game is ghost shooter made better.

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