PlayStation Plus minis not working on PS Vita

In addition to Vita games, and select PSP games, the Vita can also download bite-sized minis off the PlayStation Store.

While purchased minis that are officially backwards-compatible on the Vita work as-expected, many PlayStation fans have been disappointed to discover that the "free" minis offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers monthly are not working on their new handhelds.

Attempting to play a mini that was acquired gratis through Plus membership leads to error code C1-2858-3, the PlayStation forums have discovered. Based on our own testing, we've discovered that while our purchased copy of Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess worked fine, the free version of A Space Shooter for Two Bucks! did not.

Sony does intend on fixing the issue. "We are aware of the issue, and will resolve it as quickly as possible," a representative told Edge. Once minis start working on Vita, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download games across three platforms: PSP, PS3, and the Vita.