Mass Effect 3 includes reversible 'FemShep' cover, Xbox Live trial

BioWare has ceremoniously unboxed a retail box copy of Mass Effect 3 for Xbox 360. While these are rarely noteworthy (especially for non-collector's edition versions), the regular retail edition includes a special bonus that certain fans will definitely appreciate.

All retail copies of the game, regardless of platform, will include a reversible cover feature the default female version of Shepard, donned "FemShep" by the community.

As is standard for online-enabled games published by Electronic Arts, the game also includes a one-time use Online Pass, which will be used for Mass Effect 3's new co-op multiplayer mode. (Unlike Mass Effect 2, there is no "Cerberus Network," which entitles players to additional free DLC post-launch.) The Xbox 360 version will also include a code for a two day Xbox Live Gold trial, required to play multiplayer games on that platform.

So what's not included in the box? A manual on how to play the game. It appears that game manuals have gone the way of the dodo.