Call of Duty Vita coming later this year

When Sony unveiled the Vita, Activision announced a new Call of Duty game for the platform. There were no details, no screenshots. All Activision had to show was the ubiquitous Call of Duty logo plastered onto Sony's "next generation portable."

"We believe Call of Duty for NGP will set the bar for the next generation of portable gaming," Activision's Philip Earl said during the announcement. "When considering the full array of NGP's key features, such as the OLED screen, dual analog sticks, front and rear touch interface, and social connectivity options, the possibilities are endless."

Sony’s senior vice president of brand marketing revealed that Call of Duty will be on Sony's handheld later this year. "In the autumn, I'm really looking forward to Call of Duty on Vita," Guy Longworth told GameTrailers (via Push Square). "We think that's going to be an absolute game changer for the platform."

Longworth didn't reveal which Call of Duty game the Vita version will be--if it will be an entirely new game, or a port of this year's Call of Duty game, rumored to be Black Ops 2. Given the franchise's popularity, and the system's dual analog sticks, Call of Duty's launch later this year will likely be quite the shot in the arm for the Vita should tomorrow's launch prove unsuccessful.