Gooseman's Tactical Intervention launching in spring

Thirteen years after its initial mod release, the original Counter-Strike is still hugely popular, hitting over 70,000 concurrent players even on weekdays. Creator Minh 'Gooseman' Le has kept a low profile for years, but his new shooter, the free-to-play Tactical Intervention, is now lined up for a spring launch.

While Tactical Intervention is a tactical FPS pitting terrorists against counter-terrorism forces, it's certainly not Counter-Strike. The big list o' features includes rappelling, breaching charges, attack dogs, leaning, riot shields, drivable vehicles you can shoot out of, and equipment giving perks.

Though, CS fans might appreciate that TI does boast Hostage Rescue and VIP Escort modes--two things not really seen since CS.

"I'm excited to share my latest project with my fellow gamers," said Minh Le said in the announcement. "As my latest tactical team-based shooter, Tactical Intervention builds off of what I tried to accomplish with Counter-Strike. I think players will be excited about the innovations we've implemented in the game, especially the vehicle missions and new team focus."

Tactical Intervention is developed by FIX Korea, with Le as lead developer, and published in North America by OGPlanet. The game was revealed in 2009 but largely dropped off the radar after that. A North American closed beta test is set to begin in March, and you can sign up now.

As well as new screenshots, OGPlanet sent out a new teaser trailer today:

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