Minecraft developer, Humble Bundle partner for game jam charity weekend

Minecraft developer Mojang Specifications is teaming up with the Humble Bundle to make a game in 60 hours for charity. Dubbed the Humble Bundle Mojam, it starts this Friday at 10 AM CET (1 AM PST). The Mojang team will create a game in 60 hours, and anyone who donates toward the cause in that time will get the game that results from the sleepless nights.

The site teases other incentives for reaching certain donation goals, like Aron Nieminen (developer in charge of the Minecraft Pocket Edition) making a Twitter account. They also promise giveaways, and invite Twitter users to submit questions with the #Mojam hashtag for use in Q&A sessions during the game jam.

Mojang is holding two polls to determine the genre and theme of its 60-hour game. The highest and lowest of each category will be combined to determine what the indie developer makes. Based on current poll results, it would be a real-time strategy shoot-em-up with a Steampunk World War II theme. The poll isn't closed yet, though, so chime in if you want to change the results.

The studio has some experience turning games around in a matter of days. Markus "Notch" Persson made Minicraft in 48 hours during the Ludum Dare competition.

Check out a trailer below.