Mass Effect 3 Kinect voice commands listed

Mass Effect 3 will be "better with Kinect" thanks to exclusive voice commands. But how exactly does it work? Microsoft has sent us an official "cheat sheet," with all the commands you'll be able to say. For example, you can tell Shepard to "switch weapon" and then say the name of the weapon. You can also say ammo type, such as "incendiary ammo," to switch to it. And, if you don't feel like pressing "A" on your Xbox 360 controller, you can tell him to "open" or "examine" something. For squad members, you must say their name and then issue a command. For example, you can say "Liara Singularity," and she will fire a blast at where your reticule is pointed. "Tali Follow" will have Tali follow you. "Kaiden Attack" will have him focused on the enemies your reticule is pointed at. Here's the full list of commands:

Kinect commands for Mass Effect 3