Dear Esther Mac port confirmed

The gorgeous commercial mod remake Dear Esther launched today but only for Windows, much to the chagrin of Mac users who played the original on their white computers. Fear not! A Mac version is indeed in the works.

"We can confirm a Mac port is on the way!" creator Dan Pinchbeck said on Twitter today. What more need he say?

A Mac release had seemed likely, as Dear Esther's built upon Valve's cross-platform source engine--the version used for Portal 2, to be specific. However, we can now all add "There will be a Mac port of Dear Esther" to the Big Book of Facts we all carry around to double-check what's real and what's not.

Dear Esther is out now on Steam at $9.99. Initial reviews are looking delightfully positive considering it's an ghost story where you mostly potter about an abandoned island--hardly mainstream fare.

Look, look at how pretty this game is:

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