Minecraft Pocket for Android adds zombies, Survival mode

The Android version of Minecraft - Pocket Edition has updated, bringing the Survival Mode to mobile platforms for the first time. The 0.2.0 update adds the popular mode, along with zombie mobs, because it's just not Survival without something that could potentially kill you.

The update notes mention a host of new features, including doors, fences, and fence gate blocks. Survival mode sports sheep as well as zombies, and associated tools for digging, attacking zombies, or shearing sheep. You can also gather resources from nature now, rather than simply having a list available to you. Finally, the Creative mode lets you fly through the world for easier building.

The updated features bring the mobile version one step closer in reaching parity with its PC counterpart. The mobile versions were restricted to Creative mode with a limited resource set, similar to the early days of the PC title, but this brings it more in line with what players expect from Minecraft. The iOS version, at 0.1.3, is still lacking these features, but should receive the same updates in the coming weeks.