Xbox 360 MLB/NBA 2K12 'Combo Pack' announced

The release of MLB 2K12 is right around the corner, and 2K Sports has announced an intriguing 'Combo Pack' for Xbox 360 owners who also happen to be basketball fans.

The long and the short of it is this: On March 6, interested folks can head down to a "participating retailer" and grab the "MLB 2K12/NBA 2K12 Combo Pack" for the suggested MSRP of $69.99. As suggested, the pack includes complete versions of both games.

The move to bundle both games together at a discount to coincide with MLB 2K12's launch is a pretty cool way to shine a spotlight back on an excellent basketball game that some may have skipped over earlier in the year, given the uncertain and late start to the real-life NBA season.