Wheels of Destruction: World Tour announced for PSN

[Update]: We said that WoD had 12 arenas, as its official Facebook page stated, but the game's PR chaps have been in touch to point out this was incorrect--there are 5. [Original]: If you hate cars, Wheels of Destruction: World Tour may be a game for you. Announced today by Gelid Games, the post-apocalyptic "arcade-style car combat shooter" for PlayStation Network will encourage you to smash the beastly metal armadillos into pieces. Unfortunately, you'll need to drive one of the dreadful things yourself to do so. The multiplayer vehicular arena combat will come in a variety of flavors, including free-for-all, CTF, king of the hill, and team deathmatch. Five car classes are on offer for you to smash, and be smashed, in. The action takes places in 12 arenas set in "five of the most dangerous – yet vivid – regions of Europe," which could be anywhere, given this is after an apocalyptic event (though who could tell with some corners of England?). Wheels of Destruction is said to be coming "soon" to PSN. You can follow it on Facebook.

Destroy those wheels