PopCap announces Solitaire Blitz for Facebook

Despite its status as a classic card game, computer solitaire is a little on the dull side. Maybe it's that we've all been playing it since the 1990s in-between bouts of Minesweeper. Never one to back down from a challenge, PopCap has decided to try spicing up the game by naming it after German war tactics and adding a social element. Hence: Solitaire Blitz.

"Discover a whole new world of Solitaire in this fast-paced treasure hunt," the official description reads. "Match cards quickly to clear the decks in 60 seconds, collect treasures, and compete with friends."

The casual developer announced the Facebook game today at EA's Spotlight event. It will feature an aquatic theme, social elements, and a faster pace than the boring old real-cards solitaire. The game is rolling out a gradual beta launch, and plans to launch fully in early March.