Dungeon Defenders reaches a million downloads

The action-RPG hit Dungeon Defenders has crossed the million-seller threshold across all platforms. Downloadable content, surprises like the Portal gun, and sales have kept the drum beating to reach the figure since its October launch.

"It is tremendously successful franchise," Reverb Publishing CEO Doug Kennedy told Joystiq. "We have lots of plans to support it both with DLC and additional add-ons for the franchise."

The word "franchise" seems to imply more than just downloadable content, so we wouldn't be surprised to see it become a series or host spin-offs. In the meantime, Trendy will be releasing at least three more downloadable packs across PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The developer recently ruled out the possibility that the PC packs (including the Holiday DLC, New Heroes Pack, Barbarian, Assault Mission Pack, and Nightmare Mode) will come to consoles, so Steam seems like the way to go if you're not already on-board.