Nintendo Zone to feature full episodes of Pokemon

Nintendo 3DS owners get free wi-fi access at more than 29,000 "Nintendo Zone" locations. While you'll probably want to spend your time playing games online, Nintendo Zone will be enhanced with a number of new features.

Starting next week, Nintendo Zone will offer much more content for 3DS owners to take advantage of. For example, there will be a dedicated Pokemon section that will feature full-length episodes of the Pokemon TV series. That should go perfectly with the smoothie you're drinking from McDonald's or Starbucks--both "Nintendo Zone" partners.

In addition to video content, the Nintendo Zone will offer playable demos of "select Nintendo 3DS video games," trivia games, and coupons that can be used at another Nintendo Zone partner, Best Buy. For example, if you go to Best Buy this weekend, you can get 50% off select 3DS games.

"Nintendo 3DS is our most connected system ever, and Nintendo Zone offers a wealth of exclusive content to users who take their systems with them when they are away from home."

To find a Nintendo Zone hotspot, visit Nintendo's website. To access the Nintendo Zone, just bring your 3DS system. An icon to access the service should automatically appear on your system.