KISS Angry Birds is becoming a thing

Gene Simmons and KISS are the poster children of the term "selling out." You need not look any further than KISS Hello Kitty, which apparently is a thing.

Apparently, Simmons and company are eager to return to games. But don't expect a sequel to the Dreamcast-era game, KISS Psycho Circus. It appears KISS will be collaborating with one of gaming's biggest brands--Angry Birds.

"We're talking with Angry Birds, KISS and Angry Birds, which will become a deal," Simmons told IndustryGamers.

Simmons believes "the gaming world is waiting for the KISS games that are going to explode," and that he's focusing on "taking the brand to places where no band has gone before." Well, no one could have expected an Angry Birds crossover, that's for certain. "We are really trying to take it in areas that haven’t been done before and have stayed out of the marketplace because the ideas simply weren’t exciting enough."