Weekend Confirmed 97 - Nintendo 3DS and Wii U plans, FF13-2, Dustforce

By Garnett Lee, Jan 27, 2012 2:30pm PST

With the holiday lull drawing to a close, Jeff returns to the cast just in time for Xav's last show as an official Shacker. Ariel Angelotti and Christian Spicer also join the show making this a fearsome fivesome with Garnett. There's plenty on the table, too, with Ariel sharing her experience with the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in advance of its US release next week, news from Nintendo's financial briefing including an update on 3DS and Wii U plans, budding love for Dustforce, Insomniac's farewell to Resistance, and more making the time fly by to the wrap-up with Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 97: 01/27/2012

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  • On Resistance, I just think that franchise is conceptually a mess.

    First of all you have the WW2 1940s time frame, which is what every shooter ever has done.
    Second, you have aliens---ok that's what every other shooter has done.
    Third, the nature of the aliens is incredibly nebulous, because everyone you're fighting aren't actually extraterrestrials but humans who have been converted by the aliens. So ARE these aliens, or are they zombies?
    Fourth, all the different alien types sort of contradict that initial concept. Because if the Chimeria function by infecting other species, then where do the face huggers and all the other ones come from? If the face huggers spread the Chimeran species, logically there should be some non-humanoid base form of the chimera.
    Fifth, there ARE face huggers---making this canon both aesthetically derivative of Aliens and gameplay wise Half Life.
    Sixth, there is no main character for you to grab on to as an audience member---they went for realism, which is a legitimate alternative to Gears and Halo's style---artistically I think it is preferable, however they didn't develop a personality to Nathan Hale, or anyone else. In Resistance 2 they started giving Nathan Hale super hero attributes, but as soon as that could become interesting they killed him off.
    Seventh, there's a constant tension between the game's serious tone, and Insomniac's sort of Pixar cartoonish nature. Garnet noted how the Sony shooters feel incredibly morose compared to Halo and Gears, but the chimera often feel like cartoonish enemies. I mean in R3 there's that Chimera-giant enemy who attacks the town, but I just don't think he's frightening. He animates like this big bumbling clown. He's well animated, but he looks like he should be in a Warner Bros cartoon or something.
    Eighth, that second game just wasn't particularly well made. It was bloated, the graphics were plasticy. Even that co-op thing felt more like a proof of concept to me than a real developed game mode.

    To speculate, I have to think Insomniac was pressured to make a game that they just weren't suited for, in a set genre that stifled their creative instincts.
    Sony's success in the industry has never been about a flagship franchise. They made the Playstation big by disrupting the whole concept of a mascot who is synonymous with a box. Perhaps in desperation to oppose Halo and the 360, they tried to imitate that style of console marketing with Resistance, but it apparently did not pan out.