A Game of Dwarves announced by Paradox

If you've been enthralled by players' tales of adventures in Dwarf Fortress but found it simply overwhelming, you may want to keep an eye on A Game of Dwarves. Announced by publisher Paradox Interactive at its 2012 convention, the strategy management game developed by Zeal Game Studios is coming to PC and PlayStation Network.

Taking command of dwarven settlements, you'll send your subjects down into randomly-generated maps to gather resources you need to expand and upgrade your dwellings. Digging deeper yields rarer resources needed for the fancy stuff, but naturally brings the risk of stumbling across more 'orrible enemies.

Handily, your little army of dwarves become more powerful as they toil away, so your warriors will be better at fending off nasties, and your craftsmen can arm them with better equipment. Paradox says that an order systems lets players "easily control oodles of dwarves simultaneously without the need for extensive micro management."

There's no word yet on when A Game of Dwarves will be released. Check out Paradox's product page for more information.

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