Art of the Mass Effect Universe book to include Mass Effect 3 DLC

And the cross-marketing continues...

If you're looking to get every piece of downloadable content being made for Mass Effect 3, get ready to open your wallet. Not only will you have to buy action figures, you'll also have to get a companion art book. Dark Horse Comics' Art of the Mass Effect Universe book, coming out next month, is also offering its own set of bonus DLC.

Pre-ordering the book from BN.com for $27 will net you a "collector's rifle, among other cool content to beat out your opponents." If that sounds like gear for multiplayer, you're right. Dark Horse confirmed that the digital contents will be for the game's online mode.

For those keeping track, Mass Effect 3 DLC is being packaged with pre-orders of the game, its Limited Edition, the Kingdoms of Amalur demo, and action figures. Undoubtedly, even more ways of procuring digital goods are coming.