Serious Sam Indie Royale pack launches today

It's time for yet another Indie Royale bundle. The "Serious Sam" bundle includes the first two FPS adventures from Croteam and the three recently-released indie spin-offs: The Random Encounter, Double D, and Kamikaze Attack. As a bonus, the Indie Royale pack will include the "exclusive debut" of The Greek Encounter, an 8-bit top-down "demake" of Serious Sam.

The bundle which currently boasts a minimum purchase price of about $3 will only be available for 100 hours, as Indie Royale labels it a "lightning pack," a more focused and niche offering over their usual collections.

As usual, the price of the bundle will fluctuate based on the number of people that buy the pack. The price will continuously increase, but those that pay more than the minimum will be able to bring the price back down for others.