Street Fighter x Tekken: Cross Assault is new reality series from Capcom

Move over, The Tester. Capcom's looking to enter the growing field of internet-delivered reality series based on video games. Street Fighter x Tekken: Cross Assault will show two teams of five competing in a week-long, live-streamed tournament where the winner snags $25,000 and doesn't have to do any QA testing.

Five players will be chosen to represent Team Street Fighter, while five others will represent Team Tekken.

If you think you have what it takes to become the next internet D-list celebrity, here's how you enter. First, you'll have to create a video blog explaining why you'd be a good choice for Cross Assault. Not only do you have to be good at fighting games, you must have an "interesting personality"--probably like these characters.

"We aren't cherry picking the top players because we want to open this up to all fighting game players," Capcom explains. Once you have a compelling video, make sure you submit it.

Those that get selected to participate in the series will get training from coaches. The players must work together as a team "or risk elimination" before the series finale.

Get your entries in soon, as Capcom wants to air the series in late February.