PSP games for PlayStation Android devices rated by ESRB

The Xperia Play (aka the "PlayStation Phone") and other PlayStation Certified devices have the unique ability to access the PlayStation Store and download PlayStation games in addition to standard Android apps. It's a cool concept that hasn't been taken advantage of fully. So far, the PlayStation Store for Android devices has only offered a small selection of PSone games.

That appears to be changing soon, however. The ESRB has re-rated a number of PSP classics for PlayStation Certified devices.

Siliconera spotted the new ratings. The ratings board has re-rated four PSP games for Sony's Android products: Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, Pinball Heroes, Daxter, and flOw.

These should make for welcome additions to the still-limited catalog of games on PlayStation Certified devices. Currently, there are only five products to receive said branding: Xperia Play, Sony Tablets S and P, Xperia Arc, and Xperia acro.